Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

A museum collection 360 million years in the making …


In 2013, Buxton Museum & Art Gallery was awarded a Stage 1 pass by the Heritage Lottery Fund for the project Collections in the Landscape. The project explores digital access to the collections, not just inside the museum, but outside, where the archaeological and geological artefacts where found and where the artists sat to paint their pictures. We have created four digital trails as part of the project. Have a go and let us know what you think!


Buxton Waters

Roman soldiers, Mary Queen of Scots, Manchester United footballers, the rich and famous,  the infirm – all lured by our healing spring waters. Now it’s your turn!


DERSB 2004.45.467Stories of Shopping

Buxton residents remember the sights, the smells, the excitement of 50 years of shopping in Spring Gardens.



barbed and tanged arrowheadThe Mysterious Arbor Low

Find out about the archaeological investigations into Arbor Low and its mysterious history.



Reynard's Cave scanThe Dovedale Family Activity Tour

A fun adventure for families to do together in beautiful Dovedale. Get ready to laugh and learn!

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