Bridie’s Favourite Works of Art

A talented young pupil named Bridie has joined us this week for her work experience. We asked her to write about something she liked and Bridie has chosen to look closer at some of the stunning work in the Artwork 2019 exhibtion, which you can see for yourself until Saturday 8 February and in 20 Years of the Friends Purchase Prize, on until Saturday 18 April. Plan your visit here.

If you would like to apply for work experience at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, email, introduce yourself and tell us what you’re interested in. We can’t guarrantee a place but we will try our best.

Over to you, Bridie:

Not only does the museum display an incredible range of historic artefacts surrounding our area and resident history, but they also include not one, but two fantastic galleries, equally proffering a multitude, and clear variety of artworks by local artists and more.

A few of my personal favourite pieces from the student’s work in Gallery 1 include:

Anthony by Nicole Broadhurst

This piece exudes a strong understanding of light and colour, through its use of oils on the canvas. The anatomy and textures also add to the ‘strong’ look of this piece, clearly presenting a finalised and well-executed artwork.

artwork 01

Marine Inspirations by Year Ten Pupils

The multiple sea-life inspired ceramics are very interesting to view, due to the expressive range within the display case, and how each student has chosen to interpret the idea surrounding ‘sea-life’. My personal favourite was a well-textured, almost skeletal looking fish with a colour contrast of blue and orange.

artwork 02

Cityscape Silhouette by Chloe Foster

Black and white allow this piece to present the amazing amount of detail gone into it, with clear-cut use of the black paper, and simple canvas, this ‘Cityscape Silhouette’ almost appears to be a finely detailed painting.

artwork 03

However, Gallery 2 also offers some fine pieces of work within its current showcase, some of my favourites being:

Collapsing Barn by Clare Benson

Awarded the ‘Friends of Buxton Museum and Art Gallery Prize at the 2013 Derbyshire Open Art Competition’, this oil-pastel painting combines a clear understanding of perspective, with an excellent eye for colour. The presentation of rust on the barn stood out to me as an interesting and aesthetic technique too.

artwork 04

Eyam Hall by Leri Kinder

This watercolour-based artwork was awarded the same prize as ‘Collapsing Barn’, only in 2016 instead. I really enjoyed the painterly techniques employed within this piece, as the lack of excessive strokes created a wonderfully simplistic yet visually-appealing image.

artwork 05

Gritstone VII by Peter H. Gill

While small, this mixed-media creation beautifully defines its shapes and textures in order to illustrate the idea of a rock formation. Colour contrasts with the light, aquamarine blues and deep, muddy-reds also express a similar ‘vibe’, coming across as a stunningly-stylised artwork.

artwork 06

A Fraudulent Governess

Derbyshire Record Office

I recently happened upon some material which piqued my interest: it was a small envelope of correspondence 1896-1900 relating to a former governess to Sir Vauncey Harpur Crewe’s daughters, named Miss Adams, who was involved in a court case.  If you’ve read my blog posts about Elizabeth Appleton, you’ll know that governesses have a particular fascination for me, so I felt compelled to find out more about Miss Adams.

D2375-F-L-1-1-7 cropped resized

There was a suggestion that Lady Crewe might have to testify and letters from his daughter to the governess might be produced as evidence.  Sir Vauncey Harpur Crewe was clearly trying to prevent this happening and distance his family from any scandal.  With a bit of judicious searching on Ancestry, Findmypast, and the British Newspaper Archive (all free to use at the Record Office and your local Derbyshire library)  I found a wealth of information about Sarah A’Court which paints…

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What are your plans for Christmas this year?

Derbyshire Record Office

How many times have you been asked this already this year?  Hands up if you are planning a trip away – where are you going?

How about skating and tobogganing on Mont Blanc – just 10 guineas

Or perhaps a Mediterranean cruise to welcome the New Year – 25 guineas

And if you’re still hunting for that last minute Christmas present, why not show someone how much they mean to you with a tour of Rome – from just £10 (oops, perhaps that should be £820)

Don’t forget to read the small print…

If you’d rather stay at home, why not treat the children to a stylish new hat

Wherever you go and what you do, Derbyshire Record Office wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year(that is for 2020 not 1899!)

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Buxton Museum and Art Gallery Festive Opening Times 2019

You’re no doubt wondering when you can visit Buxton Museum and Art Gallery this festive season and take a welcome cultural break from all that eating and drinking. Well, wonder no more; here are your opportunties to see some great admission-free exhibtions and get warm after braving Buxton’s frozen streets:

Saturday 21st December: Open 10 to 5

Sunday 22nd December: Closed

Monday 23rd December: Closed

Tuesday 24th December: Open 10 to 1

Wednesday 25th December: Closed

Thursday 26th December: Closed


Friday 27th December: Open 10 to 5

Saturday 28th December: Open 10 to 5

Sunday 29th December: Closed

Monday 30th December: Closed

Tuesday 31 December: Open 10 to 4

Wednesday 1 January: Closed

The Kids Take Over Buxton Museum 2019

Museum attendant Clio Flaherty has gone from being a local art student to a member of the team. One of the first exhibitions she helped to arrange also happens to the one that first gave her the opportunity to show her work. Over to you, Clio:

‘Artwork’ is an annual exhibition at Buxton Art Gallery and Museum that showcases the work of local students. This year is the 19th year of the exhibition and the levels of creativity in the final pieces continue to impress.

The display is comprised of GCSE and A-Level pieces from both Buxton Community School and St Thomas More School. The art produced in this collection is of a very high standard, encompassing a variety of different mediums and artistic techniques. The students continue to produce a wide variety of unique pieces every year. In recognition of this exceptional work, the exhibition aims to promote young talent and give the art the exposure it deserves.

Photo 29-11-2019, 18 50 02Photo 29-11-2019, 18 42 50


On 29th November, we held a preview launch night for the exhibition. The evening was a great success, offering the opportunity to view and discuss the work in a relaxed and social setting. Pupils and their families from both schools were in attendance as well as the teaching staff who came to offer their support. Some Music students also came along to celebrate the launch by providing wonderful performances throughout the evening.

Photo 29-11-2019, 18 54 09

Many of the students whose work has been displayed in previous ‘Artwork’ exhibitions have gone on to pursue careers in the arts and the exhibition hopes to encourage this decision and inspire other young people to follow in these footsteps. The enthusiasm of the students is reflected in the final pieces they have produced and it is important that this plays an important role in the local community.

Photo 29-11-2019, 18 43 58Photo 29-11-2019, 18 38 07

You can see the exhibition for yourself until 8 February. Plan your visit here.