Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well, staying safe and washing your paws. I have tried very hard to keep up with the paw-washing, but I have really had to scrub them harder than ever this week. I made myself a pebble to add to the fabulous snake on Broad Walk in Buxton and in my enthusiasm, I have ended up with a decorated pebble, and a decorated Buxton Bear as well!


I finished the pebble, had some photos taken in the museum, with the lid carefully on the pen as you can see, but then – well, you know how it is, you finish your work and hold it up in order to see if it needs any last bits adding and you keep the pen or paintbrush in your hand. Without realising it, the lid had fallen off and I had pen ink all over my paws.  You will see from the photos taken when I put the pebble with the others on Broad Walk that my fur looks a bit darker than usual as well as it being a bit longer than normal because I haven’t been for a haircut for weeks.

Once I was happy with the picture, I got a little paint brush and gave the pebble a coat of clear varnish to protect it from all the rain we have been having. You may have already guessed that I was covered in pen and varnish as well!  Varnish can be called matt, or gloss which means it is shiny. So as well as being coloured in, I was shiny as well.


For a bit of fun, I thought I would pretend to be a different sort of bear, and I was amazed to find there really are black bears in North America and they live in forests, mountains and swamps. They are excellent tree climbers, so I had a climb up the tree sculpture that you see in the museum when you come through the front door. I am not a real Black Bear, so my climbing wasn’t very good, but I got a bit better and had a great time. It was a nice way to make use of being covered in pen and I wasn’t cross any more. I shouted up to the Roman Soldier and he came down and climbed up too.


While we were up there climbing, we found two spiders so I let them sit on my paws while the Roman Soldier opened the door for me and I put them on the Slopes in the grass across the road. Kath and Trish who make sure the museum is clean were very happy when we told them because they are not too keen on spiders, especially ones that are high up and make webs that get all dusty. They brought us some treats to say thanks, wasn’t that kind?

I hope those of you who have been able to go back to school, even for part of the week, have enjoyed yourselves. Things are slowly changing so that is good. Perhaps you might like to put a pebble onto Broad Walk too, or have a look at them because there are some really amazing pictures on them. I think there are other pebbles in other villages too – or you could keep it in your garden or in your home.

Until I write about my next adventure, take good care from the Buxton Bear.

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Bear translation by Isobel Wharton