Hello, everyone, this is the Buxton Bear writing to you again with some more of my observations during lockdown.

Bear Bday 2

I hope you are all staying safe and keeping those paws clean. Let’s keep up our efforts – I am sure I can clap more loudly on Thursdays when my paws are clean.

Before lockdown, some of you might have visited other schools or clubs if you play sports or musical instruments. Some exhibits in museums travel to other museums from time to time. I might have told you before that the Mermaid from Buxton has gone to the Natural History Museum in London. That museum has sent their dinosaur, called Dippy, out on tour to lots of museums and hopefully later this year, Dippy will be in Norwich. I quite fancy a trip over there to see Dippy when we can travel a bit more.


I was having a look at the internet to see if I can get to Norwich on the train and maybe even have a sleepover. I kept thinking something was a bit strange and then I realised that there is another place called Buxton only 10 miles from Norwich, whereas in this Buxton where I live  is nearly 170 miles to Norwich. It just shows, you have to read these things carefully! It’s no wonder I feel muddled most of the time, is it?

Dippy will actually be in Norwich Cathedral and I found out that they have some decorations in their altar rails called roundels. These are circles of coloured stones, used for decoration, and the ones in Norwich are made out of Blue John. Blue John comes from a village called Castleton, just a few miles from here and in the whole wide world, it is the only place Blue John is found. It is amazing how we are all linked together. Perhaps you would like to come to Buxton Museum when we reopen to see the Blue John we look after. My favourite piece is a tiny bucket with a silver rim and it is just near my cave so call and say hello.


We were talking about the Natural History Museum earlier and that building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse. He also designed Manchester Town Hall which some of you might have been to for the Christmas markets.

I always like to see what the food and drink is like in somewhere new. When I was in a rugby team as a young bear, some of the club’s did really brilliant food. If someone was coming to Buxton, I would tell them to drink the water. It is just a nice temperature, full of good things called minerals and on top of all that, it is free. The food looks good in Norwich, I must say, and they grow a thing called sapphire there, in salty water. It is like a lovely green crispy vegetable. I like the sound of that and I think it would be nice for Dippy. In fact, I bet the Mermaid would love it – and she can be quite fussy.


I will send both of them a postcard telling them about this.

Until next time, take good care from the Buxton Bear.

Bear translation by Isobel Wharton