Did you recognise some of the places in last week’s picture quiz? It was pretty tough, even for the most experienced of Derbyshire explorers, but we didn’t promise you an easy ride. The answers are at the bottom of this post.

This week, the museum staff have come up with a more traditional quiz on the subject of the Peak District’s topography:

10 Questions for grownups

1) In 1636, which cavern was named ‘The First Wonder of the Peak’ in Thomas Hobbes’ famous Latin poem?

2) Which Derbyshire caves contain the northernmost cave art in Europe?

3) What is the largest cave entrance in Britain known for its flatulent noises?

DERSB 2123
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4) There is a section of cave under Stoney Dale called ‘The Incisma’, but why was it given this name?

5) Historians have identified Lud’s Church (or Ludchurch) as being a possible location for the Green Chapel in the Arthurian tale Sir Gwain and the Green Knight. What is the other possible cave location on the Manifold Valley?

6) In what Peak District valley can be found the cave Owl Hole?

7) On what hill is Fox Hole cave?

8) What is the name of the limestone hill just above the stepping stones at Dovedale?

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9) In the white peak there are two Deepdales. One runs from Brierlow Bar to the Wye valley, the other is near Sheldon. What did the one close to Sheldon used to be named?

10) What hill in Monsal Dale was there an Iron Age massacre?

10 Questions for Children

1) What’s the highest point in the Peak District? Clue – it has a similar name to a delicious brand of chocolate egg.

2) About 2 million years ago, which natural event led to the formation of many peaks and caves in Derbyshire?

3) What is the name of the hilltop castle that overlooks Castleton?

Day - Castleton
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4) Blue John is only sourced in Castleton, but can you name the two caverns?

5) Titan is a natural cave in the Peak District and is the deepest shaft of any known cave in Britain. Can you guess how deep it is?

6) Chrome Hill has a famous nickname. What is it?

7) Which cave shares its name with an Avenger who also happens to be a Norse God?

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8) Name the famous peak that is known as the “Shivering Mountain” and whose name means “Mother Hill”.

9) Stalactites and Stalagmites grow in different directions to each other – which one goes up and which one goes down?

10) In which cave can you find “poached egg” stalactites and stalagmites?


Answers to Round 5

1) Bleaklow.

2) Elderbush cave.

3) Rockhall, Roaches.

4) Fox Hole cave.

5) Mam Tor.

6) Frank o the Rocks caves.

7) Thirst House cave.

8) Harborough Rocks cave.

9) Thor’s Cave.

10) The Roaches.

11) Thirst House, Deepdale.

12) Peak Cavern.

13) Fin Cop.