Did you enjoy our cryptic tour of Derbyshire towns and villages? The answers are at the end of this post.

This week, we leave the comfort of those Peak District tea shops and pubs behind and head out into the wilderness in search of peaks and caves; fascinating rock formations created millions of years ago. The first round is a picture quiz but we’ll put up some traditional questions on the same topic next week. As always, we encourage you to stay at home during the lockdown and save exploring these places for later.

How many of these local peaks and caves can you identify? If you recognise all of them, you are undoubtedly an expert!

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Answers to Round 4

10 Questions for Grownups

1) In which High Peak village can you be optimistic?

A: Hope.

2) Which famous American’s grave is situated in Edensor?

A: JFK’s sister, Kathleen Kennedy, who later became Kathleen Cavendish when she married the Duke of Devonshire’s elder brother.

3) Which village is said to have featured in the novels of Charlotte Bronte?

A: Hathersage.

4) As the highest in England, how many feet above sea level is the village of Flash?

A: 1514 ft or 461 metres.

5) Where would you find the smallest hall in the country?

A: Thimble Hall in Youlgreave.

6) What are the origins of the unusual name given to Sparrowpit village?

A: It is widely believed that it derived from ‘Spar Row Pit’, in reference to the local Fluorspar mining industry that extracted Fluorite in the 19th Century.

7) The tradition of Well Dressing is said to have originated in which village near Dovedale?

A: Tissington.

8) Which town has been dubbed The Capital of the Peak?

A: Chapel-en-le-Frith.

9) Edale is known to walkers as the first (or last) stop of which walking route?

A: The Pennine Way.

10) The Hope-Valley line is a railway that links Manchester and Sheffield. Can you name the 7 Derbyshire towns or villages in which the train stops?

A: New Mills, Chinley, Edale, Hope, Bamford, Hathersage and Grindleford.

10 Questions for Children

1) Which village experienced an outbreak of the bubonic plague in 1665?

A: Eyam.

2) Who was the British monarch that visited Matlock Bath in 1831?

A: Queen Victoria.

3) Which village is famous for its jam and almond confectionery?

A: Bakewell.

4) Blue John is sourced from caverns in which village?

A: Castleton.

5) What is the Swizzels factory in New Mills famous for producing?

A: Sweets.

6) In which village will you find the world’s first water-powered cotton mill?

A: Cromford.

7) Which Derbyshire village is famous for its ice cream?

A: Bradwell.

8) In which village is Little John buried?

A: Hathersage.

9) Riber Castle overlooks which Derbyshire town?

A: Matlock.

10) What medieval game is played in Ashbourne every Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday?

A: Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football played by two teams: Up’ards and Down’ards.