Hello again, this is the Buxton Bear, here to share another of my adventures. Did you read about what I was up to last time?

Bear close-up

How are you all? Keeping safe, washing those paws carefully and staying at home so our fabulous NHS staff can be safe, I hope.

It seems a long time since Christmas, doesn’t it? And a long time until the next one. Last Christmas, the Roman Soldier and I went to the pantomime at Buxton Opera House. During the interval, we went for a comfort break and an ice cream. They have them in little tubs and you get a spoon to eat it with. I don’t suppose many bears go there and have ice cream, because the spoons are a bit hard to use when you have big claws like mine. I put the spoon in my pocket to recycle later, and licked out the ice cream with my tongue. This was fine, but then I got the tub stuck on my snout and the Roman Soldier had to pull it off. He wasn’t too pleased and kept saying “I can’t take you anywhere!”

christmas bear 2006

We passed a door that said “Staff Only” and we wondered what might be behind it. Then we went back to our seats again and forgot all about the door.

Then as I was having a walk round the museum one night, what do you think I saw? A door with “Staff Only” written on it! I went to find the Roman Soldier to tell him. I told him I had seen  a door like the one we saw at the pantomime. Do you know what he said? He said “Oh no you didn’t” and I said “Oh yes I did”. This is what they say at pantomime and everyone joins in and it is very funny. It made us laugh too because it brought back happy memories and we have been a bit sad lately.

The Roman Soldier agreed to keep watch at the door while I went to see what was behind the door. I know he thinks I am a bit silly but I have been wondering if the children who usually visit us had somehow got lost and were looking for us behind the door. I have really missed our young visitors over the last few weeks. So, the Soldier took up his place . I have lived here for 30 years, so I think I count as Staff. The Soldier had found a badge with “Staff” written on it, so he put that on my fur and off I went for a bimble.

At first, I was excited and I probably thought that I would find something interesting. These ideas are great to start with when you are talking with your friends but then I began to worry a bit that perhaps it was a bit unsafe for a bear in here, then I felt a bit disappointed and then my tummy did the most enormous rumble and I heard a creaking noise. The next minute, I jumped out of my fur. There was a cupboard which I remember from before the museum was redecorated; it used to be near my cave and had four carved feet, like lions paws. However, someone had put a white cloth over it and I thought it was a ghost!

I decided to make my way back because there was nothing interesting to see. I straightened the white cloth to make it look as it was when I found it and noticed one of the doors was slightly open. I am a bit of a nosy bear so I opened it further and could not believe my eyes. There were pictures. drawings, very good drawings, and guess what? Some were of me! My heart felt all loved again and then I read the words about me. They said that I am a well-loved and an iconic part of the museum. Can you believe it? I felt so happy.

Crytal + bear

We should always tell our friends and family that they are well loved because you never know when they might feel a bit down and there is always somebody thinking kind things about you.

Before I go and tell the Soldier, I would like to say Happy 100th Birthday to Captain Tom Moore who has raised lots of money for good causes by walking round his pretty garden. He is a real hero.

Keep washing those paws and take good care from the Buxton Bear.

Bear translation by Isobel Wharton

Illustrations by artist Amy Wozny