Week 6 of lockdown at Buxton Museum is punctuated by another mystery object. Curious how time seems to go so quickly and yet so slowly. We hope you are managing to keep yourself busy. If not, we may be of assistance; please follow this link to our new look blog where the staff  have been busy creating more activities for you to do at home, including art and a local history knowledge quiz.

Did you have a guess at last week’s enigmatic morsel? The answer is below the picture.

mystery object of the week 6

Mystery object no. 5 is a Simplex Accident Reporter from the Derbyshire Police Collection. In less technological times, officers of the law would use this create to diagrams of road accidents and “insurance coys”. There is an ink pad to go with the blocks, each representing a different type of vehicle. There is no date on the box but its 3/9 price label and the inclusion of horse-drawn vehicles suggest early 20th century.