Did you have a go at last week’s picture quiz? The answers are at the bottom of this post.

For the third round, we are venturing out of Buxton and into the rest of Derbyshire and the Peak District. Let’s find out how many places you’ve been to and how much you know about them. As usual, we are duty bound to ask you to stay at home and save the exploring for later, when the government’s health guidelines have been lifted.

On with the trivia:

10 Questions for Grownups

1) At what local beauty spot can you stand on the border of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire all at the same time?

2) In what former Derbyshire museum at the foot of Peveril Castle would a magnifying glass have been very been useful?

3) Which part of Derbyshire did UNESCO declare a World Heritage Site in 2001?

4) Why was there a “mass trespass” on Kinder Scout, the highest peak of the Peak District in 1932?

Maxfield, Andrew; Kinder Landscape
Kinder Landscape by Andrew Maxfield 1959 oil copyright protected

5) The Monsal Trail is a fantastic walking/cycling trail from Blackwell Mill near Buxton to Bakewell (or vice versa). But what was its original purpose?

6) What is the most common theory to explain the abundance of aircraft crashes in The Peak District?

7) Where did the Dambusters practice dropping the bouncing bomb in 1943 in preparation for an attack on Germany in World War 2?

8) Where will you find a loaf of bread and a piece of cheese made from gritstone?

DERSB 58147
Meddins photograph collection copyright protected

9) Which two stately homes can be found near Bakewell?

10) What is the ornithological name of the 19th century lead mine near the village of Sheldon?

10 Questions for Children

1) Which national park was the first to be created in the UK?

2) The Northern part of the Peak District is sometimes called The Dark Peak and the southern part The White Peak. Why?

DERSB 2009.1
On the Derwent, Derbyshire by Joseph Clayton Bentley 1842 watercolour copyright protected

3) Why are there no dinosaur fossils in Derbyshire?

4) What does the man (or witch) of Ramshaw Rocks do as you drive past him?

5) What type of foreign animal famously lived on the Staffordshire moorlands for a short time after being released from a private zoo in the 1930s?

6) Why don’t you need to cross a bridge to cross the river at Dovedale?

DERSB 2005.3.264
Boyd Dawkins collection copyright protected

7) What are the Nine Ladies on Stanton Moor?

8) What kind of old-fashioned transport can you expect to see in Crich?

9) What kind of unusual transport takes you to The Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath?

10) Some of you may have been to this famous theme park in Matlock Bath before. What’s it called?


Answers to part 2:

1) Bar Rene.

2) Clowes Chemist.

3) Green Pavilion.

4) Maggie May’s Antiques.

5) The Source Cafe.

6) The White Stuff.

7) The Old Hall Hotel.

8) The Opera House.

9) Red Willow Bar.

10) Monk Bar.

11) Air Ambulance charity shop.

12) Chakra Lounge.

13) Flowers for You.

14) The Club House.

15) The Milton’s Head.