Any idea what Mystery Object of the Week 2 was? Answer below.

This week’s offering is a real conundrum. We’ll give you a clue; it’s from the ethnographic collection, which means it belongs to a different country or culture. The answer will be posted along with next week’s mystery object.


Answer to last week’s object: No one is any disagreement that it’s a fossil from the Jurassic coast in Dorset and the staff at Buxton have referred to it as the only piece of dinosaur in the museum (no dinosaur remains have been found in Derbyshire; it was underneath a tropical ocean at the time). A few people have suggested it is the paddle of an ichthyosaur and we like this idea, although this creature was technically a reptile and not a dinosaur. One or two others have proposed that it is a section of fossilised vegetation which may be more accurate but not quite as exciting.