Did you work out the purpose of Mystery Object of the week 1?

The next artefact is not only a puzzle to you, but to the museum staff ! Whilst Buxton Museum and Art Gallery was closed for refurbishment in 2016/17, we toured a pop-up museum, offering the public the opportunity to handle objects from the collection and venture a guess as to what they were. This object provoked some chin stroking / head scratching.

Unfortunately, when museums inherit collections, they don’t always get the documentation to go with it. The only fact we have on this oddity is that it’s from the Dorset coast, which is a big clue. Answer revealed next Friday (hopefully).


Answer to last week’s object: The chair was used by Derbyshire police to keep suspects in position for a photo fit, the wedge in the middle marking (somewhat uncomfortably) where your bottom should go. in the early days of photography, exposure was not instant and you were required to keep still for a few seconds. Dignity was obviously not a consideration.