Hello everybody, I hope you are all staying safe and well. Have you read the start of my adventures?

I did my clapping at 8pm last night for all those very special people called key workers. They are all working harder than ever at the moment. I clapped really loudly – and Father Gerry from the church next door was clapping too and we waved at each other and shouted hello.


This morning, I put my Superman pants on for Fancy Dress Friday with Joe. Oops, I forgot my paws, so I washed them well and dried them. I need to concentrate for the PE and I keep thinking about a silly joke the Roman Soldier told me. I know a good way to sort this out – I will jump up and down on the spot and wave my paws as hard as I can and that will Shake the Sillies out. Tell your grown ups about this, they can do it too.

Next, I went for a walk around town and to some woods. I saw a bit of frogspawn in a pond and heard some lovely birds singing – you hear lots more when there is no traffic. Sometimes at the Museum, we get deliveries wrapped in bubble wrap. That is useful stuff – you can put it on the floor and jump on it to make popping noises and you can get a piece and draw little comma shapes on the bubbles and use it in a picture of a wildlife pond.


I ended up walking up a steep hill. It is nice not to be rushing around and to walk slowly, have a nosy into peoples’ gardens, that sort of thing. I know a really good word for a walk like this – it is a bimble. It is a word that sounds good too – “I’m off for a bimble, like the Buxton Bear”.

So, I bimbled up the hill and saw a very interesting building. It had a colourful sign saying “Harpur Hill Primary School and Nursery”. Well well….I had a look round and saw a poster in rainbow colours saying “Learning for Life”. The grown ups there must be very kind, not just teaching maths and literacy but all sorts of other useful things. Have you found out anything useful for life today? It might be how to peel a potato, make your own bed or remember to say please and thank you.


I bimbled  back to the Museum but one thing made me a bit sad. I was going to have a drink of the lovely warm water from the well – do you know the one I mean, where the Lion’s mouth is? Sadly it is closed at the moment. Do you know how warn the water is and how long it takes from falling as a raindrop to coming out of the well?

Near my cave in the Museum, there are lots of old glass bottles that have Buxton Mineral Water written on them – come and have a look when we are open again, and do say hello to me, please.

mono LL8A1301

Long, long ago there used to be a lady called Martha Norton – she was known as “the Well Woman of Buxton”. Perhaps you would like to find out about her?

I am going to make a wildlife picture now. I will write again soon unless I get glue on my paws.

Take Good Care from the Buxton Bear

Bear Translation by Isobel Wharton