Hello, everyone, this is the Buxton Bear from the museum writing to you.

dark bear

Well what a strange week it has been. I knew something wasn’t quite right here because it has been absolutely silent for days.

In the end, I put my Positive Pants on and did my PE with Joe, then I washed my hands and went for a look round the museum to investigate.


I started in the Boyd Dawkins study downstairs – well, to be honest, I had a few rides up a and down in the lift first! Then I washed my hands again because the handles are made from metal so in the end, I had to walk down the stairs after all. Silly Bear!

There were some very interesting old books in the cases. One was “Prehistoric Problems” which got me thinking: I wonder what problems they had all those years ago? Have a think about that one.


There was also “A Collection of Hieroglyphics “ and I am going to Google that, to see if I can write any words using hieroglyphics myself. In fact, I might write the word out a few times so that I can spell it correctly as well. Perhaps you might like to try?

The best bit – oh joy – was discovering that the Mermaid has gone on her holidays for a whole year. She has gone to the Natural History Museum in London – well good luck to them, I say. I mean she is alright in her case when visitors come, and very interesting,  but she gets out at night, you know, and rattles around the museum, talking non stop, mostly  rubbish, and frightening the Roman Soldier. I am going to tell him straight away, he will be happy.


I will say goodbye for now and I will write again soon. Please look after each other and keep washing your hands – grown ups are right about this, I promise.

Take good care from the Buxton Bear

Bear translation by Isobel Wharton