Buxton Museum and Art Gallery has enjoyed lots of visitors already this year and it’s always fascinating to find out what people think of the displays. The front-of-house staff have been collecting feedback and here are some of the latest comments. There is plenty of praise, which is always nice, especially when the staff work so hard but criticism can be equally as helpful as it lets us know where we can improve.

Wonderful throughout! Very enjoyable couple of hours

Great display. The interactive parts got my boy interested and asking good questions.

Deeply offended by the use of CE without any indication of AD and BC


A little gem! Well done

What a wonderful resource with a super variety of objects from modern art to geology specimens. Long may it continue.

Great displays and thanks for the computer facility for public use.

It is important displays use imperial as well as metric systems on displays and info. Many older people think in imperial and we also drive in it. Apart from English visitors what about USA visitors? Please use our English system.

No roar from bear- greatly disappointed!!!

Please continue to refrain from draping the Canadian bear in degrading nonsense. Thank you Otherwise your museum is a gallery of pure marvels.

Bear Bday 1.JPG

Can I suggest putting an OS map on the wall upstairs for identifying sites of historical interest e.g. Fairfield, Fin Cop etc for again an idea of location.

What a fantastic museum – what a treat to see a ‘real’ mermaid & really clear informative displays and good hands on stuff.

Lovely museum, very nice atmosphere and good for a rainy day. Enjoyed the boxes of toys etc. Would be great to see a padded toddler/baby area too. Thanks!

Craft session brilliant! Kept our 1 and 3 year old grandchildren very happy. Such a friendly family atmosphere. Thank you all!


Wonderful museum, really good info and lots of it! Can’t believe it’s free

Zoom facility on screen as text a bit small for some visitors. Whoever made the case for HLF funding made an excellent job of it.

Excellent museum. I hope the council don’t cut your funding.

When you come to visit, you will no doubt have your own opinion. We look forward to meeting you and finding out what you think.