Next week (March 12-16th) i’ll be in Buxton Museum, presenting 3 new interactive works made over the last 8 months in response to the Museum’s collection of minerals.

Still from Mineral Sounds

First up is “Mineral Sounds” which fulfils a desire to create soundscapes from physical objects. For this project I’ve built small turntables with 4” platters onto which people will be able to place handling minerals from the Museum’s collection. Webcams pointed at the turntables scan the minerals, converting their silhouettes into data which can be used by a software synth. One mineral’s silhouette is used to create the notes being played while the other mineral’s silhouette drives whether that note plays or not, or can be set to increase / decrease the resonance of the note.

Still from Draw Minerals

Next is “Draw Minerals” an iPad app in which people can use the touch screen to draw and their own crystalline mineral creations. Choosing from four basic shapes, three sizes and five colours many varied forms can be created.

Still from Mineral Composition

Finally for “Mineral Composition” I looked at electron microscopy images of minerals, creating an abstract composition from the amazing forms hidden from our eyes. This piece will be presented on a 55” touchscreen, touching the forms will animate them and produce sounds. 

My hope for all this work is that people will play the pieces like musical instruments, connecting with one another through these interactives. 


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