shadowy visistors to an older Collection….make your own parade in Lights and Shadows


The BM125 event programme is rolling on, giving visitors to the museum – and participants at events in the wider landscape – opportunities to explore the collection and to think about our heritage in creative ways.

Low Puppet, rock 31
Pebble puppet with fossil friends….

In September, there were stone puppets and fossils as part of Altitude, the youth arts element of the Wirksworth Festival. In October, on Apple Day, we walked through the orchard of the Dove Valley Centre, tasting apples, savouring that local distinctiveness, sampling a delicious range of apple cakes. BM125 looks for a sense of performance, encouraging participants to join in: writing poems, making puppets, telling stories, shifting the light, the shadows, the colours and atmospheres of a room. Our BM125 artist team are pursuing this down individual pathways (there are posts on this blog to tell you more) but the public events plunge into performance in a cheerful open-ended and unpredicatble way.
So we have filmed the adventures of apple puppets and turned a day of Cabinets of Curiosity into a wonderful recitation of collections. To see these films, visit the Creepingtoad channel on Youtube (try this link)
There is a haymeadow enchantment on its way and an Orchard Summoning as well

Low Geode
a geode might inspire a pattern of Light and Shadow

The next events in the list will include
Lights and Shadows on Saturday 24th November (details below or follow this link)
Winter Skies: Saturday 15 December 2018

There are also
Lantern Making Workshops
Saturday 1 December, 10am – 12.30pm & 1pm – 3.30pm
This isn’t a BM125 event but is a wonderful day of making and delight in the museum all the same!

Winter Skies 15th December at the Museum – details will follow – make a festive mobile!
Lights and Shadows
Saturday 24th November
1- 4 pm
at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery
From sinister shadows to the glow of cave crystals, join us for an afternoon celebrating the shapes and colours of the Museum collection. We’ll be making plastic “windows” – panels you could hang in your own window or roll into a tube to stand over a light

The event is free and we’ll provide materials. There is no need to book but allow 30 – 45 minutes for your activity

A BM125 event celebrating 125 years of Buxton Museum and Art Gallery!