Notes and Ideas

I take a long time to write anything coherent so thought it might be best to use this blog as a digital scrapbook, showing my thinking through notes and drawings as the project progresses.

I was at first interested in digitally 3d scanning the rocks, fossils and minerals in Buxton’s collection, then writing software that would make these digital 3d models produce sound. While this is still an option, having spent time studying photographs I’ve taken of the minerals, and becoming increasingly amazed by their geometries, I’m thinking of writing software which generatively or procedurally produces 3d models which approximate the various types of minerals in the collection.

Using a touchscreen people will be able to move sliders which generate varying approximations of the minerals in the collection, these 3d models which can be viewed from any angle can be named and saved, creating a collection of digital minerals which can be kept by the Museum.

The output presented at an event could comprise of a large scale video projection showing the different minerals which people have produced, the camera slowly tracking across fields of these digital minerals. Perhaps the projection could be in a cave or on the walls of a cliff edge.

Here are my notes so far.






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