Since Buxton Museum and Art Gallery reopened on 6 June this year, visitors have had the chance to come in and see the brand new Wonders of the Peak gallery. Though not yet complete, we have found that giving people the opportunity to see the developments in progress and talk to staff has been a welcome one.


Of course, the old dark and spooky Wonders of the Peak was cherished by a lot of people over its 27 year lifespan and the change has not been valued by everyone. However, the majority of recent visitors have given the new brightly-lit Wonders of the Peak the thumbs up, along with the refurbished foyer, gift shop, toilets and lift to the first floor. Here are some of their comments:

Never realised before that the museum had such a wide variety of objects. New display much better.

Love the changes; it feels much more accessible. So glad you kept the bear!

Absolutely stunning and fascinating! A treasure of a find and such a pleasure to visit this beautiful museum. You can see the care and attention to detail has gone into the renovation – so beautifully done.

The staff are very informative and very pleasant. Well worth the visit.

Excellent restoration, inviting and interesting. Although the quirkiness of what I remember has gone, the eclectic items are still there. A lovely surprise.


Love accessible lift, light open spaces, excellent for grandchildren.

Great choice in the gift shop.

A beautiful find after just arriving in Buxton.

Wonderful – we are lucky to have this here!

I really enjoyed every minute of this magical place.

Really impressed. Thank you. Lots of interactive things to engage our kids and very varied content.

Brilliant little museum. Great displays and interesting stuff. Thank you for the hard work!

the boss

After years of endeavour, it’s great to have some appreciation and we do listen to the suggestions too. The most common criticisms are that the museum looks closed from the outside, that there’s not enough for children to do and that the bear doesn’t growl. We will take notice of the feedback and work to rectify these grumbles.

You can plan your own visit here.