Tom’s Work Experience

The staff of Buxton Museum recently enjoyed the assistance of a keen young man called Thomas Peacock. His homemade T-Rex chocolate was particularly impressive! We asked Tom to recount his week with us:

I spent a week’s work experience at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery. The main reason why I wanted to do my experience here is because I have an interest in art and palaeontology and also having my work experience in a museum will give me a good look at what I might be doing in the future.


What I enjoyed the most about my time at the museum was getting to see and store some cave lion bones. It was very interesting to hear where these bones had been found and who had found them, I also wanted to find out how these cave lions had died; the mystery of it intrigued me and I wanted to uncover the secrets of the ancient bones.

I spent lots of time looking at ancient artefacts and bones and recording information about them; what they looked like, how big they were, and what condition they’re in. I took pictures of the objects and put them onto MODES (the database on which the museum records information about objects).

I also helped with a survey by marking out areas on a map in a room that needed working on; plug sockets, exposed wires, etc. as well as moving artefacts from the store room into the project area.





One thought on “Tom’s Work Experience

  1. Loved reading this as gave me more of an insight into what he did with you. Many thanks for your time and support and giving Tom this amazing opportunity.
    Sarah Peacock
    Tom’s Mum

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