Lewis’ Work Experience

We recently had the pleasure of a very polite and enthusiastic young man named Lewis Russell temporarily joining the team for work experience. We often find that the younger generations are more adept with technology than some of us older staff so their contribution to the workload can be genuinely helpful.

Lewis was kind enough to provide us with some reflection on his time at the museum. You can also see some of his excellent photography. Over to you, Lewis:

During the end of March 2016, I started my work experience at Buxton Museum. I was excited to go (but a bit nervous) as I have been to the museum many times before and have really enjoyed it and found it interesting. When I first arrived I was greeted and shown around the building. I was then introduced to many members of staff and got talked through all the health and safety information.

On my first day I was given a task which involved photographing various museum objects from gemstones to fossils. I really enjoyed photographing as I found it interesting and fun to do. During the afternoon I got the chance to digitally record object information. I did this with the help of a piece of software called Modes which the museum regularly uses. Since I never used this software before, I found it very exciting to do so because I am studying ICT at college and like testing different types of software.

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Throughout the week I did many other tasks including getting the chance to condition objects, helping to move a canvasses to various facilities and even using Adobe Photoshop to edit the appearance of objects ready for them to be printed off for the display. I love using Photoshop and have great skills in using it, so I was very happy I got the chance to use it for a much more professional purpose.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the Buxton Museum as I learnt much more about the place and its IT side, worked alongside some great and friendly people and learnt new skills for later in life.


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