Curiosity of the Month

This month’s curiosity was discovered by volunteer archivist Ian Gregory. Over to you, Ian:

In the stores of Buxton Museum is a large piece of paper decorated with two muscular men and a woman deep in thought. Above her are the words in nature’s infinite book, a little can I read. This is a certificate of an exam pass. It was awarded to a man called Frederick M. Moores in 1893. He had passed the elementary stage of Magnetism and Electricity. That year, 8,529 students sat this exam. Only 1,904 of them passed.


I don’t know much about Frederick but the paper I scanned today was once his treasure and presumably that of his family too. Back in 1893, fewer people went into higher education than today so Frederick’s pass was far less usual. How did his life work out? How did his certificate come to the museum? I don’t know but across 120 years, I wish him well.

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I have been working at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery for 20 years in one role or another, working on various projects. Currently, I am a Visitor Services Officer for Collections in the Landscape, a project that I am very excited about. I am known as BJ, or Big Ben. To the local youngsters I am called Seventies Man or 118.

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