Derbyshire Open 2015: Visitor’s Choice

Artist Zen Zamojski has enjoyed some success in Buxton of late. Two of his artworks have been selected for the Derbyshire Open Art Exhibition and both have been sold. He then won the accolade of Best Visual Artist in the Buxton Festival Fringe. If this wasn’t achievement enough, his work Cyclists in the Rain also scooped up the Derbyshire Open’s Visitor’s Choice Award with 70 votes. I could not give the man enough good news!

I eventually had the opportunity to meet Zen and ask him about his life and art. Amazingly, he does not consider himself a professional, though I’m sure that those that do would be green with envy. His Midas touch is no mystery; the skill and diligence to detail is evident.

Cyclists in the Rain by Zen Zamojski

Cyclists in the Rain by Zen Zamojski

Zen has experimented with different forms of art since he was a teenager, including gouache and ball point pen, using mostly BIC biros. Both of the pictures currently in Buxton were created with ball point which, as you can imagine, took considerable time to complete.

Inspired by artists such as Picasso and Braque, the style of Cyclists in the Rain has been with Zen for a long time and is one he uses often. When he starts a picture in this approach, Zen never knows how it is going to evolve but has an idea where he wants it to go.

I absolutely love complexity in my art work because it brings a real challenge to make it all come together, and I am also stickler for detail, such as the sheep drawing. The sheep drawings that I have done are inspired by our friend`s sheep farm on the North Yorkshire moors – Swaledale sheep.

3 Tups by Zen Zamojski

3 Tups by Zen Zamojski


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