Show Me The Money

We’ve had our fair share of exciting news at Buxton Museum recently: First there was the Reynard’s Kitchen Cave Coin Hoard going on display and then we were given the go-ahead for stage 2 of Collections in the Landscape. If that wasn’t enough money-related goodness, we have a third announcement; the Kirk Ireton Hoard is now on display!

Kirk Ireton Hoard 1 detail

In 2012, a hoard of 43 medieval coins was found by a metal detectorist in the Kirk Ireton Parish, Derbyshire. The coins date from Henry III’s reign (1216-1279). Most of the coins were made in 1247 and have a long cross pattern on the back, although some were minted later in 1271. The name of the moneyer (who made the coins) and place where they were minted is indicated on the backs of the coins in between the cross. On the front is a picture of the king and his name, Henricus Rex III. One of the 43 coins is a forgery.

The coins were declared Treasure and purchased by Buxton Museum and Art Gallery. The museum received funding from the Art Fund’s Treasure + scheme to commission a unique display case for the coins. The case was made by local blacksmith and artist David Tucker. He wanted to create a stack of giant coins with touchable patterns based on the silver pennies.

We hope that you will come and see David’s unique design for yourself. The coins are complimented by a display of medieval material from the East Midlands, devised by local expert Jessica Coatesworth.

Buxton Sculpture 022


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