A delightful visitor at the Buxton Museum and Art Gallery …..

Emily Jane Smedley and Ben Jones, employees at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, had the pleasure in meeting a spritely and cheerful 84 year old Buxton resident, Anne McLean.

Anne entered the doors of Buxton Museum with vivacious enthusiasm in order to visit the Buxton Wells Dressing exhibition currently on display.  In the process, Emily and Ben learnt some fascinating facts about Anne’s life in Buxton.  She told them that 60 years ago or more she had worked at the same building as a librarian.  The books had been situated upstairs and as Anne recalled this memory her face was so bright as though it had all only happened yesterday.

DERSB 2004.45.347

Anne gave Emily and Ben some further insights into her life in Buxton.  She enjoyed many a good night listening to the locally renowned ‘Spa Orchestra’. Anne’s husband was a musician who played with the orchestra.  As a young woman, Anne told how the town had been alive with music every night in the Pavilion Gardens.

DERSB 57540

Anne’s other fascinating and close connection with the town is that her dad was Mayor of Buxton in 1960.  They had lived as a family on Buxton’s infamous long row of houses, Bennett Street. Whilst a councillor, Anne’s dad, Tom Garton, was paramount in helping to raise the funds that enabled the original Bennett Street War Memorial to be replaced in 1966.

Bennett Street war memorial photo























Emily and Ben would like to thank Anne for bringing snippets of the Museum and town’s past back for them to imagine and subsequently experience some magic moments of time gone by.





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