With no less than three new exhibitions at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, there’s never been a better time to visit. On the first floor landing is a small yet fascinating history of the 175 year-old local tradition of well-dressing. Organised by the Buxton Well Dressing committee, the exhibition focuses on a character called Robert Brunt. Born in Buxton in 1834, Brunt became a local fancy goods retailer, as well as an artist and taxidermist, and a lifelong well-dresser. Buxton Museum has some examples of his unique work on display. Despite living in the town for a long time, I knew nothing about this remarkable gentleman and I found the exhibition a delight. You can see it until 20 June.

Knock's Rock, West Road, Buxton by Robert Brunt
Knock’s Rock, West Road, Buxton by Robert Brunt

In Gallery One, artist Annabel Carey celebrates the tree at the centre of our cultural, spiritual and physical existence. The Time of Trees examines the way in which the modern world regards the tree as a commodity rather than held sacred. Not your usual oil paintings, Annabel has created a series of triptychs and diptychs that can be rearranged to create different focal points and perspectives to reflect how nature constantly changes the elements of landscape. Included is an interactive exhibit where you can have a go at moving the pictures yourself. This thought-provoking exhibition is on until Wednesday 10 June. If you would like to meet Annabel Carey, she will be here on Sunday 3 May from 2 to 4pm.

L - Colour and reflections in September CTC

Starting from today is an exhibition by Christopher J. Beard entitled Arrangements from Landscape. Whereas the tree dominates Annabel’s work, Chris enjoys ancient sites and the rocks of places such as Arbor Low in Derbyshire feature in his work. With an appreciation of the history of landscape painting, Chris strives to absorb the atmosphere of the places he visits and paints not just what he can see but what he feels. I’ve been a fan of his work for a while and was pleased when one of his artworks won a prize in our Derbyshire Open Art Competition in 2012. You have a chance to see that painting and many more until Sunday 5 July.  You can meet the artist on Saturday 2 May, 2 to 4pm or Friday 22 May, 2 to 4pm.

C J Beard and work

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