From Kilns to Mountains

Work by two different artists is currently on display at Buxton Museum. Micheal Pritchard creates compositions inspired by the majestic shapes of the bottle kilns of North Staffordshire. From the 18th century until the 1960s, bottle kilns were an instantly recognisable symbol of the Potteries. There were over two thousand of them standing at any one time and they formed the main part of our industrial heritage.


In his distinctive style, Micheal embraces both traditional painting in oil and acrylic on canvas as well as digital printmaking. In this work he uses techniques of sampling, mixing and montage. Initial pencil drawings and photographic images are scanned. The image is then manipulated on screen, introducing elements of a structured composition and a palette of rich, intense colours. Beyond the Grit and Grime is on until 14 March.


Walking in remote areas, particularly the Lake District and the Peak District inspires Tracy Barlow’s work. Walking in the elements enables her to paint and draw from nature, reflecting the immediacy of her experience. She records the landscape in all conditions to capture the different moods and effects of light and weather.


Tracy focuses more on the experience of being in the landscape than on the specifics of a site. Monochrome depicts the atmospheric qualities, having an infinite scale of values and portraying a sense of danger characteristic of these landscapes. Tracy paints in oils and uses a wide range of printing techniques. The unpredictability of the method is reminiscent of the unexpected incidents that occur on a journey through the wilderness. Monochrome is on until 12 April.



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