Curiosity of the Month….

Radio hypnotic crystalAs you become aware of the gaze of Radini and perceive his beautiful, kind and knowing eyes and feel the sensitivity from his face, it becomes no surprise to learn about his lifelong love affair with all things magical. The stepping stones of which ranged from practising the art of escapology to collecting ‘wonder’ items to exploring the magic of Derbyshire caves to being an intricate and amazing creative. Randini was also friend to Houdini. The collections at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery are lucky to hold a wealth of Randini’s lifelong collection and products of his creativity.

For curiosity of the month I have chosen this radio hypnotic crystal. The label displays the details: Professor Elmer S Knowles, manufactured exclusively for the National Institute of Science, London. It is quite remarkable to think that the art of hypnosis was obviously important in terms of social trends at the time this item was made, around 1930. These radio hypnotic crystals were used to get the patient into a calm state of mind in order to induce profound hypnotic slumber. What are your thoughts on this object? Do you think it works?
Douglas in front of butterfly display


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