Engaging Art in Sunny Buxton

A new exhibition by ceramic artist Michaela Wrigley opened at Buxton Museum on Saturday. Like many artists before her, Michaela is inspired by the Derbyshire landscape but she has also been influenced by her late father and the display is a rather intimate and moving memorial to him. It is a different experience from the usual “paintings for sale” style of exhibition (not that there’s anything wrong with that, we all need to make a few quid). Michaela is experimental with the materials she uses too. We hope you will come and see Landscapes for Dad and experience it for yourself. It’s on until Sunday 14 September so you’ve got plenty of time but if you’re quick enough, you might get to see the rarity that is Buxton in the sunshine, complete with confused-looking locals blinking into the unfamiliar glare.

Michaela and her artwork Barns

Michaela and her artwork “Barns”

We have installed a couple of small displays about the history of Buxton on the ground floor, relating to our Collections in the Landscape apps http://www.buxtonmuseumapps.com/. The museum has always focussed on the history of the Peak District, rather than the actual town, but there is clearly an appetite for it and we have started to address that need. The displays have been very popular, particularly this painting by David Russell called Exterior of Buxton Museum and Art Gallery with Local Residents. Like Michaela Wrigley’s exhibition, it is a fond portrayal and a lot of visitors seem to enjoy it.

Collection of Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Collection of Buxton Museum and Art Gallery


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