Connecting with Young Visitors, guest blog by Fay Fallows

Fay Fallows, Museum Attendant, has offered to contribute to our blog, having been prompted by feedback from a visitors’ survey she is currently working on:

The survey which Ben has mentioned is aimed at obtaining an up-to-date picture of our visitors (who they are, how they heard about us, how often they have visited, etc.) and what they think of us (good or bad!)

We’ve received some very positive feedback so far, including compliments from parents concerning how well our staff engaged with their children and how we’ve included objects/interpretation specifically geared to children.

Here’s a selection of what can be experienced by our young visitors (or even our older ones who’re young-at-heart!):

• Play with our moving sculpture entitled ‘Branching Out’, which has been made from recycled and reclaimed metal objects;

• say “Hello” to our bear (who makes a point of making himself known to you first!);

Easter bear

Easter bear

• take a look at our human skeleton and have a go at putting our skeleton puzzle together;

• complete a jigsaw puzzle made from a marble table top;

• squirm at the (ghastly) cures taken out of a Roman Doctor’s bag;

• feel what it’s like to wear Victorian clothing (if it will fit you!);

• find a reindeer’s antler, some hyena poo and a little mermaid (she’s a bit shrivelled up but regains her beauty when she goes back in the water);

• browse our shop selling fossils, gemstones, small toys, ornaments and jewellery;

• and, if all the above has proven to be exhausting … relax on an assortment of colourful cushions!

family space

family space

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About benjonesmuseum

I have been working at Buxton Museum and Art Gallery for 20 years in one role or another, working on various projects. Currently, I am a Visitor Services Officer for Collections in the Landscape, a project that I am very excited about. I am known as BJ, or Big Ben. To the local youngsters I am called Seventies Man or 118.

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